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Top quality clothing and apparel products made in North America.

Unparalleled Quality

We offer unsurpassed construction of top quality Hoodies, T-shirts, Tops, Toques, Stickers, Patches, Backpacks, Jackets & Mittens. With a small team of dedicated designers, fabricators and suppliers, we offer only limited editions, unique, never to be duplicated, designs and products. Place your order now and receive a free gift from Hoodlum.ca! 

Hoodlum.ca & TheHoodlums were established 2010 in Caledon Ontario, Canada. By three young brothers who are committed to supporting the youth culture, after all Hoodlum is Human. We thrive to make ourselves available to anyone with a dream. Not only do we support you in your endeavours but if we can, we would love to help you achieve your goals. Contact us with your ideas, we will respond each and every time with anything and everything we can contribute to your cause.